•    Items should be preferably of luxe labels from better department stores and boutiques (high end designer items are highly favorable).



•    Items should be clean (washed or dry cleaned), ironed (or virtually wrinkle free), up-to-date and/ or on-trend and seasonal. We do not accept items with stains, scuffs or tears nor items missing buttons or with broken zippers.

•    Couture Recycle has generally two periods for bringing your clothing and fashion items: 

-    Spring & Summer collection: January through July

-    Fall & Winter collection: August through December

•    After your items have been reviewed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an overview of the selected items, the corresponding selling prices and the period of consignment.


•    Items which have not been selected for sale should be picked up within a week after receipt of the above-mentioned confirmation e-mail or can be left at Couture Recycle for donation purposes.

•    Your selected items shall be offered for sale by Couture Recycle for a period of two months.

•    Couture Recycle reserves the right to solely determine the selling price and/ or to amend the price mid-term, if necessary. We research and price items based on the current resale value.

•    When an item is sold: 50% of the selling price is for you and 50% is for Couture Recycle. 

•    Payment can be done at any moment. Please call or e-mail us at least 1 day in advance to make sure that you receive the right amount.

•    Credits will remain valid for 1 year, starting from the date of consignment (start date on the confirmation e-mail). After 1 year your credit expires.

•    Items which have not been sold during the consignment period should be collected within two weeks after the consignment period has ended.  In case the items  have not been collected after these two weeks, they shall automatically be donated to charity. To avoid any lines or waiting, please call or e-mail at least 1 day in advance before collecting your unsold items.

•    Bringing your items for consignment is at your own risk. In case of theft, loss, fire and/ or damage, we cannot compensate you for your loss.


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