Couture Recycle is born out of love for the environment ánd designer fashion,

that is preowned and/ or vintage.

Designer fashion items by high-end fashion designers, often make use of skilled handwork and craftmanship and work almost exclusively with luxurious and high quality materials. Apparel and accessories designed by the hand of these designers are in high demand, despite their very expensive price tags. Not only because of the luxurious appeal and brand image that goes with it. Fashion items by high-end designers and brands are of such great quality and produced in such an expert and skilled manner that they last for years.


For example, through the years some handbags by designers such as Hermès and Chanel even increase in value, depending on the rarity and age of the handbag. Or, if part of a ‘limited edition’ collection, a handbag or accessory can be worth far more than their purchasing price due to a one-time only release. Of course provided that their in excellent shape.

Because of this, investing in fashion items by high-end designers, preowned or vintage, is a smart move and can generate more than you think.

Couture Recycle supports this form of recycling for 100% and therefore accepts only ladies designer apparel, handbags, purses, accessories and shoes for sale on consignment. And, preferably by high-end designers. But designer wear other than by high-end designers is also welcome for intake.


Consult our ‘Brands’ page for an impression of the brands currently in our boutique.

The name may suggest otherwise, but Couture Recycle not only accepts couture for intake. We gladly accept prêt-à-porter as well.-;)

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Rijksstraatweg 370

2242 AD


The Netherlands


Tuesday - Friday:  10:00 - 17:30 

Saturday:               12:00 - 17:00  

Sunday & Monday Closed


T: 0704061337

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